How to upgrade installed ASP components

If you have already installed the component, and run it from ASP, but need to install  a newer version, you will probably get an 'Access Denied' error message. You will need to stop and restart IIS or PWS, and close any program that use this component.

For IIS...

C:\net stop iisadmin /y
C:\winnt\system32\regsvr32 /u [dll name]
Copy and overwrite [dll name] with the new one
C:\winnt\system32\regsvr32 [dll name]
C:\net start w3svc

For PWS...

C:\windows\system\inetsrv\pws /stop
C:\windows\system\regsvr32 /u [dll name]
Copy and overwrite [dll name] with the new one
C:\windows\system\regsvr32 [dll name]
C:\windows\system\inetsrv\pws /start

On Windows 2K Advanced Server , you can simply run iisreset.exe to release the lock on the COM DLLs.

On a development machine, you can just turn the FTP and Gopher services off permanently unless you really need them.

You can make restarting the Web service considerably faster if you create the following value in the registry, of type REG_DWORD, and set it to zero:


asp upgrade com com+ windows2000 IIS pws Win 2K net stop mtx stop regsvr32 W3SVC

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