The ASP Request Object

The Request object makes available all the values that client browser passes to the server during an HTTP request. It includes client browser info, cookie details ( of this domain only ), client certificates ( if accessing through SSL ) etc.

Syntax :

Request.collection|property|method (variable)


Collections Description
 ClientCertificate Makes us available a collection of values stored in the client certificate that is sent to the HTTP request. It is usually of interest when the client is requesting secure pages through SSL connection. But before using this collection the server should be configured to request client certificates.
Cookies Makes us available all the cookies stored in the client browser for this domain.
Form Collection of all the values of Form element in the HTTP request.
QueryString Collection of variables which are stored in the HTTP query string. Name / value pairs can also be appended to the URL after the end of page name e.g. "" contains one variable 'author' with a value of 'John Smith'.
ServerVariables Contains a collection of predetermined environment variables plus a collection of all the HTTP header values sent from the client browser to the server.


Properties Description
 TotalBytes An integer read-only value which gives the total number of bytes the client browser is to the server with each request. 


Methods Description
 BinaryRead Retrieves data sent to the server from the client in raw format as part of the POST request. It saves all this data in a SafeArray.


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