The ASP Error Object

The ASPError object is created when Server.GetLastError is called. It contains a lot of info about the last scripting error found in the page. It is new and is only available in IIS5.

Syntax :

ASPCode A string which contains the error code generated by the server 
Number A long integer which contains the error code returned by the COM component. A standard COM error code.
Source A string which contains the actual source code which caused the error, if available.
Category A string which indicates if the error was caused by IIS, scripting language or some component.
File A string, name of the .asp page which caused the error.
Line An integer which indicates the number of line in .asp page that caused the error.
Column An integer indicating the column position within the .asp page which caused the error.
Description A string , short description of the error.
ASPDescription Detailed description of the error if it is ASP related.

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