Spelling_ShowStream Function:

The Spelling_ShowStream Function checks the spelling of a phrase or word and returns the string with misspellings highlighted. Spelling_ShowStream returns Null if an error occurs during processing.

Spelling_ShowStream requires you to install a free java class file (SpellCheck.class) onto your server. The installation instructions and java files can be found here.

string = Spelling_ShowStream( string )
Example Usage:
dim a
a = Spelling_ShowStream( "how nuch is that doogie inb the window." )
If IsNull( a ) Then
	Response.Write "Errors occurred."
	Response.Write a
End If
ASP Source Code:
Private Function Spelling_ShowStream(byVal string)
	Dim sc, tmp
	On Error Resume Next
	Set sc = GetObject("java:SpellCheck")
	sc.LoadDictionary _
	sc.SetHighlights "", ""
	tmp = sc.CheckSpelling(string)
	If Err Then
		Spelling_ShowStream = Null
		Exit Function
	End If
	On Error GoTo 0
	Set sc = Nothing
	Spelling_ShowStream = tmp
End Function