Padding Function:

The Padding function adds spaces to the end of a string so that all the items in a collection are of the same length. 
i.e., 500, 50, 5 would all be returned with a length of 6 in this example.

boolean = Padding(theValue, theLength)
Example Usage:
<% =Padding(theValue,6) %>
ASP Source Code:
Function Padding(Str, Length) ' Pad the Length of the Dx Codes to 6
    ' If the length of the Str is less than the variable 'length'
    If Len(Str) < Length Then
        padding = ""
        howmanyspaces = Length - len(Str)
        for i = 1 to (howmanyspaces)
            padding = padding & " "
        mystring = Str & padding
        ' If the length of the Str is greater than the variable 'length'
        Elseif len(Str) > Length Then
        mystring = Left(Str,Length)
        set mystring = Str
    End If
    Padding = mystring
End Function