MkFile Statement:

The MkFile statement creates a file on the server. The MkFile statement has one required argument, pathname. Pathname must be the complete path and file name with extension to be created.

MkFile pathname
Example Usage:
 ' Make an asp file named File in the directory New Folder

MkFile server.mappath("/New Folder/File.asp") 
ASP Source Code:
Private Sub MkFile(byVal pathname)
	Dim objFSO, boolErr, strErrDesc
	Set objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
	if objFSO.FileExists(pathname) then
		err.raise 5106, "MkFile Statement", "File [" & pathname & "] " & _
			"Already Exists. Use the Kill statement to delete files."
		On Error Resume Next
		objFSO.CreateTextFile pathname, 2, True
		if Err Then 
			boolErr = True
			strErrDesc = Err.Description
		end if
		On Error GoTo 0
		if boolErr then Err.Raise 5106, "MkFile Statement", strErrDesc
	end if
	Set objFSO = Nothing
End Sub