IsJSReady Function:

The IsJSReady function determines if the client browser is capable of understanding client-side javascript. Returns True if the browser supports Javascript or False if it does not. If the system cannot determine if Javascript is supported, IsJSReady returns Null.

boolean = IsJSReady()
Example Usage:
dim a
a = IsJSReady
if a then
	 ' browser supports client-side Javascript
elseif not a then
	 ' browser doesn't support client-side Javascript
elseif IsNull( a ) then
	 ' browser's client-side Javascript support is unknown
end if
ASP Source Code:
Private Function IsJSReady()
	dim bc
	Set bc = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType")
	IsJSReady = bc.javascript
	if Lcase(IsJSReady) = "unknown" then _
		IsJSReady = Null
	Set bc = Nothing
End Function