IsFrameReady Function:

The IsFrameReady function determines if the client browser is capable of displaying frames. Returns True if the browser supports frames or False if it does not. If the system cannot determine if frames are supported, IsFrameReady returns Null.

boolean = IsFrameReady()
Example Usage:
dim a
a = IsFrameReady
if a then
	 ' browser supports frames
elseif not a then
	 ' browser doesn't support frames
elseif IsNull( a ) then
	 ' browser's frame support is unknown
end if
ASP Source Code:
Private Function IsFrameReady()
	dim bc
	Set bc = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType")
	IsFrameReady = bc.frames
	if Lcase( IsFrameReady ) = "unknown" then _
		IsFrameReady = Null
	Set bc = Nothing
End Function