Browser Properties

<head><title>Browser Properties</title></HEAD>
<body bgcolor=#FFFFFF>

Set myBrow = Server.CreateObject( "MSWC.BrowserType" )
<h2>Your browser has the following properties:</h2>
<table cellpadding=5 cellspacing=0 border=1>
<td>Browser Type:</td>
<td>Browser Version:</td>
<td><%=myBrow.Version %></td>
<td>Supports Javascript:</td>
<td><%=myBrow.Javascript %></td>
<td>Supports VBScript:</td>
<td><%=myBrow.VBScript %></td>
<td>Supports Cookies:</td>
<td>Supports Frames:</td>
The Results:

**Note: You may see in-accurate information, update your browsecap.ini file! Get the latest version here:

Your browser has the following properties:

Browser Type: Default Browser
Browser Version: 0.0
Supports Javascript: False
Supports VBScript: False
Supports Cookies: False
Supports Frames: False
Platform: unknown

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