Recordset Cursor Types

You have the choice of 4 recordset types when opening a record set. The default is Forward-Only cursor.
The 4 types are described here:

Dynamic Cursor (adOpenDynamic - 2). This type of cursor provides a fully updateable recordset. All changes (update, adds, deletions) made by other users while the recordset is open are visible. It also allows all types of movements through the record set.

Keyset Cursor (adOpenKeyset - 1). It is similar to the Dynamic Cursor above except hat it does not allow access to records added by other users. It allows all types of movements through the recordset.

Static Cursor (adOpenStatic - 3). It provides a static non-updateable set of records. You should use this recordset type when you're simply plan to search the recordset. All types of movements are possible with this recordset type. None of the changes made by another user are available to the open recordset.

Forward-only Cursor (adOpenForwardOnly - 0) This cursor type is the same as the Static Cursor above, except that it only provides forward movement. If you only need to make a single pass through the recordset, the cursor type will increase performance.

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