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The X-ray filter also takes no arguments, and is an odd one. It drops all the color information from the image like the gray filter, then inverts it, except for the black or white pixels. Not sure when one would use it.

    Filter: X-ray


See the Orginal Pic

"I saw someone cute and purple."


The two flip filters (FlipH and FlipV) don't take any arguments. They flip an object on their respective planes (H for horizontal, V for vertical) quickly and without much fuss.


    Filter: FlipH

or conversely

    Filter: FlipV

Yet another filter that has no arguments. It inverts the image to its photographic negative.

    Filter: Invert


This filter takes the visible pixels and makes them invisible, and the invisible pixels and makes them visible in the color specified.

    Filter: Mask(Color=Color of the mask)

"It works on my machine."


Or you could mask letters, then apply a shadow, then chroma the mask.

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