Repeating Yourself

Got something you want to say on every single page of your Web site?  Well, here's a quick and easy way to repeat yourself without a lot of  retyping. First, create and save a Web page that only includes the information you want to have appear on other Web pages of your site and then follow these steps:

1. Go to the page where you want that information to appear and place your cursor where you want the info to start.

2. Choose Insert + FrontPage Component.

3. In the menu that appears, select Include Page and click OK.

4. In the next dialog box, you have to provide the name of the URL that you want to include. The easiest way to add the URL (and make sure that you don't have any typos in the URL name) is to click Browse and search for the name of the Web page you just created. When you find it, click OK twice.

The new page's contents appear.

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